L to R:Amr Sindi, Barth Nussbaumer, Manuel Emch.

About Us

kollokium is not a brand. As pretentious and cliché as that sounds, it’s true. kollokium is a project-based platform. Its purpose: exploring new possibilities in watchmaking from alternative perspectives.


 //creation ex nihilo

It’s been a long time coming. kollokium was founded in 2020 by three friends who were brought together in the world of watchmaking. Each went down a different path in the industry, but they all found common ground in their shared aesthetic sensibilities. After having collectively spent a lifetime contributing to the creations (and creativity) of numerous Swiss and international watch brands, the mutual desire/urge to build something from scratch became too strong to ignore. To create with no established or inherited framework. No existing brand, no defined artistic direction, no rehashed history. The freedom to truly, fully manifest objects they envision, without the compromises of structure.

kollokium seeks to materialize timepieces that transcend the confines of traditional watchmaking while remaining obviously analog watches. We aim to distill and incorporate all the things that fascinate us, from architecture and design to contemporary art and sub-cultures. kollokium is watchmaking in a new context, from an alternative vantage point.


//neubrutalist horology

A bit of post-war brutalism, some Kraftwerk synth-pop and a Philip K. Dick retrofuturistic backdrop. For kollokium projects, it’s not so much about defining a style, but about capturing and conveying a mood. Some elements might seem familiar, but probably not something you would have encountered in a timepiece. It may appear simple enough on a first glance, but the closer you look, the more details begin to jump out at you. The textures. The depth. The contrast. The interplay of light and dark; of industrial and fantastical. The controlled chaos. If traditional watchmaking is a classical opera, kollokium is an indie, gritty sci-fi noir.